Why Whatley Lane

Whatley Lane estate agents was originally established in the home of horseracing, Newmarket, and founded by two entrepreneurs who felt they could do things better and differently. Followed by launching an estate agents presence in Bury St. Edmunds to cater for the growing desirability of both towns and the surrounding area, the opportunities for our clients grew one step further with the foundation of our London Link.

We made a conscious decision early on to look at traditional estate agency from the outside in; deciding it was not just about location, location, but contentment is most likely to be found in a well-considered home. Fundamental to this is communicating the design and lifestyle that makes each property unique and attractive.

Approaching the business from unconventional backgrounds meant that we were able to look at all aspects of property marketing in a refreshing new light. The people we recruit embody this and share empathy with both the property and the clients’ needs.

Our people are locals. We live and bring up our families here. We not only know the towns and villages – we know the people who live in them. It means we are often invited to be the first to view a property and, as a result, our clients benefit from this first-mover advantage. It’s how we form trust, make lasting relationships, and gain our intimate market knowledge. We have many clients who want to deal with us and who like us and consequently instruct our services over many years.

We deliberately limit our portfolio of properties managed by each appointed property consultant in order to maintain high service standards and exceed expectations. Far from being corporate and cumbersome, or faceless and remote, we deliver that all-important personal touch and offer the total agency solution to fit your individual requirements.

Approaching our 10th anniversary we have grown in scale and experience - providing property services across Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and London.

Still a privately owned business with ambition and, as a result, responsive and agile in our decisions – our terms are competitive against leading estate agents in the area. We seek out the best buyer, or tenant for our properties, rather than first past the post.

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