Whatley Lane are specialists in property management and tenant sourcing of high quality property.

Scroll down to see our comprehensive lettings and management service and download our Good to know guides to Letting your property and more detailed booklets on Lets with Pets, tax issues and USAF & Corporate relocation.

Whatley Lane's sevice is designed to give you complete peace-of-mind as a landlord. Our robust own and third-party checks take measures to ensure that tenants are not only financially suitable to rent the property, but also they have a proven record of looking after the properties they live in.

Property Management

We are finding that an increasing number of tenants request managed properties during the rental period, as it allows to greatly help mediate both landlord and tenant interests.
Our full management sercice includes collecting rent, handling tenancy administration, periodic property inspections with bespoke reporting, contractor liaison and assisting with more complex issues.

We are well positioned to advise on suitable buy-to-let investments, ensuring you get the right tenants into your property at the right time, minimising the risk, reducing void periods and maximising yield wherever possible. With a steadily increasing lettings management portfolio it is clear that our investment advice is paying off.