Coronavirus COVID-19: Safe valuations and viewings advice as the UK property market resumes functionality

Whether buying, selling, letting or renting property in the UK we have provided outline advice for conducting safe valuations and viewings during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While Whatley Lane Estate Agents undertake to provide all parties with the best possible advice available, it is a shared responsibility and we appeal to the common sense of all involved. For further advice, visit the UK government guidance note detailing Covid-19 property market valuations and viewings protocol.

With the official easing of restrictions in the property market by the UK government – effective as of 13th May 2020 – Whatley Lane Estate Agents has fully re-opened offices in Bury St. Edmunds and Newmarket. To this end valuations and viewings of residential sales and lettings property have resumed. To ensure the safety of our clients as well as our staff, the following procedures have been put in place:




Prior to any appointment taking place, all parties will be contacted by a member of our staff and asked to confirm they have not presented any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 in the last 7 days. No appointment will go ahead if either party has shown symptoms or have been self-isolating. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) will be worn by the appointed Whatley Lane team member visiting a property. We will be wearing face masks and disposable medical grade nitrile gloves to be disposed of at the end of each property appointment.



Please note that in advance of all viewings we require viewers to fill out our Viewing Declaration Form (downloadable here).

All viewings will take place by appointment and only involve members of a single household. Also please note during the pandemic we are unable to drive clients to appointments. When the viewings takes place, we kindly ask you to comply with the following guidelines – all of which will be strictly adhered to by the Whatley Lane team:

> You should avoid touching surfaces, wash your hands before the appointment thoroughly and we insist you bring your own hand sanitiser and face mask (homemade ones are acceptable); ideally disposable gloves.

DIY face masks: Don’t have a face mask? Here’s a short video tutorial on how to make a face mask SEVERAL WAYS from scratch, as presented on ITV’s This Morning TV show

> The number of people on a viewing should be minimised to those from your household that absolutely have to be there. We ask that you are not accompanied by children during a viewing to minimise risk (if there is no practicable way for children not to be present during a viewing, please would parents take it in turns to mind their children outside of the property).


> The member of Whatley Lane staff will accompany clients on a viewing, but follow 2m social distancing rules.


> Where viewings are unaccompanied, please make sure you are familiar with the government guidelines and your responsibilities during these appointments to conduct the viewing safely.


> Once the viewing has taken place, please ensure your hands are washed and all PPE has been disposed of correctly.



> We kindly ask that all occupants vacate the property during a viewing. The appointed member of Whatley Lane staff will contact you once the viewing concludes.

> The same applies to household animals (if they cannot vacate with you, please ensure they are left in a designated room in the home with a ‘do not access’ note on the door.

> Please would you ensure the property is well-ventilated with all internal doors open (or as many as is possible) left open and where dimly lit that the lights or lamps are switched on in advance of the viewing.



> All our staff will be equipped with the necessary PPE, as is required.

> Our office interiors are to be fitted out with plastic shields for meet and greet and general day-to-day working.

> All keys are to be disinfected and wiped down before and after a viewing.

> Only one member of staff will attend a viewing or appointment.

> All staff are to familiarise themselves with Covid-19 symptoms and review daily updates of government advice and make management aware should this change.

> Keep the time spent at the property no more than 15 minutes for viewings.

It is of the upmost importance to us that our staff adhere to the government guidelines as well as keeping the focus on helping you moving home.

Thank you for your understanding.

James Sawyer, Director


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